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All registration for our classes and camps is done through iClassPro, 

The #1 Class Management Software for Gymnastics. 

Before registering for any classes or camps, you must create an account for your child.

Creating an Account Made Simple:

Before heading to iClassPro, please review these instructions carefully.

Step 1: Start by setting up your account.

Step 2: Click on "My Account" and provide your email address.

Step 3: If you already have an account, hit login. If not, select NO.

Step 4: Follow the straightforward steps to create your profile.

Step 5: Set up your Athlete Profile by adding a student.

Note: These steps solely focus on creating your profiles. For athlete registration, follow the next set of instructions.

Registration Steps:

Step 1: Choose Recreational Registration.

Step 2: Locate your athlete's name in the box. Check the box and select "See Classes." Then, click on the small box above the listed classes labeled "Sessions."

Step 3: Choose the Winter Session and your preferred LOCATION (ensure it's correct!). Click Apply. You will now see classes only from the selected location. Review class details like the day, time, description, and available spots.

Step 4: Click on the specific class to view the cost for the 10-week session. Note: New athletes incur a $40 NBGA fee (insurance) invoiced separately, payable ASAP.

Step 5: Hit the big red "Enroll Now!" button.

Step 6: Add the class to your Cart and prepare for payment.

Important Note: For ICLASS routing, enter your three-digit institution number followed by your five-digit transit number without spaces or dashes. Ensure the eight-digit bank account number has NO spaces or dashes.

Steps to Register for Classes & Camps:

Step 1. Select Recreational Registration. 

Step 2. You should see your athletes name in the box, check the little box and then select see classes. Next, click on the Sessions box (small box above the classes that are listed)

Step 3. Pick Winter Session and the LOCATION you want. This is very important, plese select correct location! Then click Apply. You should only see the classes from the location you picked. You can see what day of the week the class is on, the times, description of the classes offered and how many spots available.

Step 4. Click on the class.

You can see the cost of the class. ** Please note, this is the cost of the class for 10 weeks. If your athlete is new, there is a $40 NBGA fee (insurance fee for new members) that will be invoiced to you. This $40 must be paid ASAP.

Step 5. Click the big red Enroll Now! Button

Step 6. Add that class to the Cart and get ready to pay. 

**ICLASS Routing number - this is your three digit institution number followed by your five digit transit number (ICLASS is a US program hence the routing number) please make sure there is no spaces or dashes in this eight digit number and it’s put in institution number first then transit.

Your eight digit bank account number should have NO spaces or NO dashes in.**

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