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Tiny Tumblers

(18 months to 2/3 years old, parents must accompany)


Our Tiny Tumblers program is a parent/child participation class led by an experienced and enthusiastic instructor. The class is 40 minutes in length - just long enough to have a blast but not get tuckered out. 

Class ratio is no more than 6 children per coach. Games and warm-ups are designed to teach coordination, rhythm, balance, cooperation, listening skills, and basic gymnastics terminology. 

Circuits are built to develop the fundamental physical movement patterns: Statics, Landings, Locomotions, Swings, Springs, Rotations, Projection and Reception, and Rhythm. 

Children will be introduced to the bars, balance beams, beat boards and trampolines in a safe, non-threatening environment.


Parents can choose to enroll their 3-year-old in this class or the Flip Kids class.

Flip Kids

Flip Kids are flipping solo in this 1 hour long class. An experienced and enthusiastic intructor will lead children through gymnastics progressions and ciruits on the bars, beams, floor, vault, bouncy boards, rings and trampolines. 

Class ratio is no more than 6 children per coach.  

Activities are designed to develop and enhance the fundamental physical movement patterns: Statics, Landings, Locomotions, Swings, Springs, Rotations, Projection and Reception, and Rhythm.





Our Pre-Team Program is an early talent development program for young girls who show a natural inclination toward the sport of gymnastics. This program is invitation only at the recommendation of class coaches to the Head Coach, and is for girls born in 2010, 2011 and 2012. The program will focus on preparing these young athletes for competitive gymnastics for when they are old enough or prepared to join the competition team.


What class can my child do? 

Can-Gym Programs


Classes are split into Boys Specific Can-Gym & Girls Specific Can-Gym.


What is Can-Gym?
CANGYM is Canada's National Skill Development Program and is the officially recognized recreational program of gymnastics clubs across the Country. 

The program was created by coaches, to be used in recreational gymnastics programs for participants ages 5 years and up. 

CANGYM has two objectives:

  • To provide a badge-based, skill development program for Canadian gymnastics clubs.

  • To provide resource material that compliments the Level 1 and 2 National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) Gymnastics curriculum.


Can-Gym is a level based program. Participants work on the required skills in each level and are tested throughout the session. Generally children pass one level per session.  On occasion at the beginner levels some will pass two levels in one session, while at the higher levels it will take multiple sessions to pass.

Ratio is no more than 8 children per coach.


Classes are separated into Boys Can-Gym and Girls Can-Gym.  The first 4 levels are specific to general gymnastics with shaping, core skills and strength, while levels 5 to 12 focus on the specifics of men's gymnastics and women's gymnastics.

Trampoline & Tumbling


Enjoy learning to cartwheel, flip, fly and twist on our 7 x 14 professional Olympic sized trampoline, our 30 ft tumble track and spring floor! We also have lots of mats, inclines, handpsring trainers and mini trampolines to help make the learning process easy, safe and fun! We offer a beginner level TG class for those with little, to no gymnastics experience, as well as an advanced program for those that have some experience under their belt. The advanced class is by invitation from the beginner classes.

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