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Looking for a way to keep your kids active and entertained during school holidays and PD Days?


 Look no further than our RVG Day Camps! Our camps provide a range of activities that include gymnastics, crafts, games, and outdoor fun. Our coaches are experienced and work to develop your child's skills, all while having a great time.

This year, our set Camp Days are as follows: 

Nov 3, PD Day Camp

Nov 13, PD Day Camp

Nov 24, PD Day Camp

Dec 8, PD Day Camp

Dec 27-29 Holiday camp

March break, March 4-8

April 1, PD Day Camp

April 15,PD Day Camp

May 3, PD Day Camp

May 13,PD Day Camp

May 20, PD Day Camp

COST: $35.00

REGISTER: Via IClass Pro

Any Questions? Send us a message on FB or email at:

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